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Welcome to the Mspy Reviews website, here you will be able to read exactly why I needed to use Mspy and I have also added a full review on this cell spy software as well.

This is one of the best Mspy Reviews as it has been written by a real user. Note: This is dedicated to a full review on Mspy..

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I hope that the video on Mspy has been helpful as it shows you the features that comes with this software and how to go about logging to your personal dashboard once you get your Mspy licensed software.

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So Why Did I Write This Mspy Reviews Website?

mspy reviewsThere are a couple of main reasons why I wrote this review on Mspy and the first was because when I began to look for a good cell spy software I had a lot of trouble finding a good one that lived up to it’s claims. I initially bought and downloaded 4 of them and only 2 of them were okay but it wasn’t till I was recommended to try Mspy that I actually was able to successfully spy on a target phone without being detected.

So that’s when I decided to write this review as I was sure that there would be other people having the same problems as I was. So hopefully this site will help others that are currently searching for a good quality and affordable cell spy software.

So Why Did I Need To Use Mspy?

mspy reviews teensThe main reason I needed to use this cell spy software was because of my eldest daughter who at the time was 14.

My daughter was already causing my wife and I many restless nights because we have 3 other children that make it very difficult to keep on top of everything that our rebellious 14 year old was up to. If you have more than 1 or 2 children you would appreciate that you really can’t be everywhere all the time.  Below I will give you a couple of examples as to why and how we needed to use Mspy when it came to our eldest daughter.

MSPY Reviews – Examples Of Why I Needed Mspy

Example 1

My eldest daughter had to commute from school to her dance classes that she attended 3 days per week.  Due to work responsibilities and our other 3 younger children my wife and I because of work and the other kids could not personally get her to and from dancing so catching buses was her only option.

She was actually chosen to join a special performance group so we didn’t want her to have to stop dancing altogether but this does mean she has to catch 2 different buses there and then 2 buses home which was a big worry to us.

I needed a way to track her movements and make sure that she was getting to and from on time and okay. This is where Mspy came in handy it has a built in amazing GPS tracker that made it very easy for us to track her whereabouts in real time and see her location on a Google map.

Example 2 

The second reason was to find out who was calling her and sending her text messages late at night. Sometimes she would get calls from someone as late as 1 in the morning, when we then approached her about it she would refuse o say who it was or she would lie about it.

We were able to get a hold of her phone but she had deleted the call log and the messages that she had sent and received.

After getting Mspy I was able to find out exactly who was calling and read the messages that were being sent and received. I was able to put a stop to it by barring the number who ended up being a much older man, which turned out to be an unsavory 21 year old and remember my daughter was only 14 so we were worried about his intentions.

We would not have discovered what was going on until we used the Mspy software. Continue reading the rest of the site for the bulk of the review. Check out this helpful article after reading the rest of the review

What Exactly Is Mspy?

Mspy product imageMspy as you are probably aware is an incredibly powerful cell spying software.

Mspy gives the user the ability to spy on any phone with the use of its many amazing features and best of all it’s completely undetectable. Therefore the person that you are spying on will have no idea that you know the truth about whats going on.

  • The user is able to listen in live to any call and hear both sides of the conversation, read text messages both incoming and outgoing, track the phones location via GPS which is visible on a Google map in real time and much much more. For a full list of all the features click here to read the full details about all the features.

The sort of uses that Mspy is used for are as follows:

  • The biggest and most popular use is for people to be able to spy on their spouse if they suspect them of cheating.
  • It’s also very popular with parents like myself that need to keep track of their teenagers. In this day and age I feel this is a must especially with how busy most parent are forced to be these days.
  • Mspy is also used by many employers that need to keep track of the use of their company cell phones. This is very common with many sales companies, couriers services and delivery drivers.

The best part about using the Mspy software is that once it’s uploaded to the target phone it’s completely undetectable. This makes it one of the safest ways to spy on someone without worrying about being caught.

“To put it in a sentence Mspy gives you the ability to spy on any phone type and finally reveal the truth”

Continue reading the rest of this Mspy reviews website to learn more about this software’s features, pro’s and con’s.

Overall I would recommend this software as being the best and easiest cell spy technology to use that is available. It has helped me and I’m sure it will do the same for you.

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Mspy Reviews – Spy App Feature Breakdown

In this section of the Mspy reviews website I will be covering the full list of features available. After you have purchased either a 1 month license, 3 month, 6 month or 12 month license you can log into your personal dashboard.

Once you get you Mspy login details and you login to your Mspy dashboard you will have full access to all of the following features that mspy offers.

Below is a full list of features and a brief description on each one.

  • Call Spying – You can actually listen in live to all calls both incoming and outgoing, this also include being able to record all calls and see all call logs. You can also put restrictions on any incoming call or outgoing call as well.
  • Spy On All Sms Messages – You have the ability to read all text messages both incoming and outgoing which will include access to details such what number it was sent to or received from and the time it was sent or received.
  • GPS Tracker – You can track the phones location via a GPS tracker that shows you the phones location on a Google map which is recorded in real time for an accurate location.
  • Internet Monitoring – Check on the target phones browsing history which include websites that have been bookmarked and you can also block website access as well.
  • Spy On Instant Messages – Spy on Skype messages, WhatsApp messages, iMessages, Facebook and all Viber messages.
  • Microphone Tapping – You can tap into the phones microphone and listen into the surroundings of the phone. This also enables you to record the surroundings as well.
  • Control Programs and Apps – You can control all installed application and programs. Mspy will also enable you to block access to any program or application that you wish.
  • View Photos and Videos – With Mspy you will be able to view all photos and videos that are stored on the target phone, it will also notify you if a new photo has been received, sent or downloaded as well.
  • Control Via Remote – You will be able to wipe the target phones memory in case of theft, lock the phone, access the target phones control panel to make any changes remotely.
  • Printable Reporting – The Analyze it feature will allow you to access multiple forms of comprehensive reports that you can print out if you need to produce physical evidence.

So as you can clearly see Mspy is by far the best cell spy software available that offers the most powerful features which I felt was a must to have in this Mspy Reviews website.

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Mspy App – Con’s (What I didn’t like)

mspy consAs you would expect nothings perfect and that also goes for this Mspy software. There was a couple of things that I found slightly disappointing. On a plus side there was a lot more I loved about about the Mspy App but in this section I will quickly list and discuss those couple of things I didn’t like.

See below for the quick list and description on the things I disliked.

  • Which license to choose was hard to decide I initially got the 1 month license but found myself loving it and bought the 12 month license which works out cheaper. I just would have preferred to buy just 1 license per year to begin with but there are chooses between 1, 3, 6 and 12 months which made my initial decision a little confusing.

That’s really it overall it’s a great software and this above complaint is really all I could come up with.

This will probably not bother or annoy anyone else it’s probably just me. These are just my personal dislikes that I decided to add to this Mspy reviews website.

Mspy App – Pro’s (Here’s The Good Stuff)

Mspy prosAlright in this section of the Mspy reviews website I will be briefly covering some of the things that I liked about the Mspy cell spying software.

As I mentioned earlier there are a lot more positives that I found with Mspy than negatives. In the list below I will only be adding the ones that stood out to me the most although there are plenty more.

  • The best thing is that this software is completely undetectable which is a must when it comes to using a cell spy software.
  • It’s extremely easy to install and can also be done via a cloud service if you are having trouble getting hold of the target phone.
  • The personal dashboard is also very easy to navigate and is completely newbie friendly with an easy what you see is what you get look to it.
  • You can also install this cell spying software onto almost any type of phone that’s available.
  • The Support is incredible, most of the others the support was terrible. So when I purchased this I sorted expected the same treatment, I was surprised with the speedy and helpful response.
  • The Vast array of features that you have at your finger tips is another thing I loved. The Mspy App has more features than nearly all the other out there.
  • I have to mention my two favorite Mspy App features and they are the sms spying and gps location feature. Just these 2 features is all I needed to help my wife and I out.

As you can see from this brief list above I personally love this product and there are many more features that I liked about it that I didn’t list as it would go on for a while.

If you are in the need to get to the truth about your spouse’s activities or your teenager and what their up to I would totally recommend using Mspy.

I would try Mspy as your first choice and not do what I did and waste lots of money and time on purchasing products that really didn’t live up to their claims.

Like I stated earlier this is one of the main reasons why I wrote this Mspy Review website.

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Mspy Reviews – Here’s My Final Thoughts

To finish off my Mspy reviews website I thought I should give you my final thoughts on this cell spy software. I will get straight to the point and give you my over all good and bad opinion and then my final recommendation.

mspy reviewsI will keep this as brief as possible.

If you have yet to get your copy of this Mspy software then I recommend you do.


For starters there really wasn’t anything to complain about except the price was ever so slightly more than other. In Mspy’s defense the other software that are cheaper are simply not as good. (You get what you pay for)

As for the good things there were many and I mean a lot of cool things I loved about Mspy, like I have mentioned this cell spy app has personally affected my life in a positive way. This is the main reason I decided to write what I hope is one of the best Mspy reviews that you have read.

So Let Me Sum Up

This cell spying software and all of it’s amazing features has helped me and many other people get to the truth. Whether you suspect your spouse of cheating, wish to keep an eye on your teenager or even to track your employees then Mspy is what you need.

I personally couldn’t live without this these days as I have 3 more children to go through their teenage years.Especially with how many dangers and influences there are these days for teenagers I’m extremely lucky to have come across such a great software like Mspy.

I do hope that my Mspy Reviews website has been helpful in making your decision about which spy software to purchase, I 100% recommend you try Mspy.

Mark Wightley signing off….

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